Equipment Inspections

Qualified person Inspections for Fall Protection Gear and Rigging and Lifting gear

Fall Protection Equipment Inspection Services

Fall Protection Annual equipment inspections, Harness, Retractable lanyards, Anchors. We inspect all Fall protection gear. Per OSHA all equipment needs to be inspected by a Qualified Person other than the user. Annual Certification Inspections are documented, and results are sent to you. We perform Documented Harness and all Fall gear inspections and give a detailed report of the condition of the Fall Gear. As a 3-rd. party Inspection Company we give a fresh set of eyes to keep employees safe. Last week a company sent in their gear, and one had the chest strap completely gone. Drop them off or FedEx them to us. Call for more details and pricing, or email us at KARM Safety Solutions

Rigging Inspection Services

OSHA 1910.184, ASME B30.9, B30.20, B30.26, & ANSI Z359 Require …

Periodic, documented inspections on slings, rigging hardware, lifting devices, and fall protection are required every 12 months, at a minimum, and monthly to quarterly in more severe service conditions.

Our trained personnel inspect your slings and hardware according to ASME B30 specifications and manufacturer recommendations. From meticulous visual inspections to our annual and semi-annual inspection services help to ensure safety and compliance with industry standards, while extending the service life of your equipment.

We provide a documented inspection for each piece of lifting gear as required by OSHA and ANSI.