Bucket Truck Qualified Operator Training

If you’re operating a vehicle-mounted aerial lift, you need to avoid hazards while safely lifting workers and their tools to reach great heights. Our Vehicle-Mounted Aerial Lift Safety course covers everything you need to know to keep yourself, and your fellow workers, safe and secure.

You’ll learn vehicle-mounted aerial lift anatomy and the different hazards they present, such as falls, tip overs, and structural failures. Additionally, the course reviews best practices for maintaining and inspecting vehicle-mounted aerial lift. Plus, our course will ensure your compliant with OSHA standards. Even though only vehicle-mounted aerial lift operators are required to be OSHA certified, the information in this course can be helpful for anyone who works in close proximity to these types of heavy machinery.

The topics we will present in this program are:

  1. Safety Statements, Hand Signals and OSHA Regulations

  2. Insulating Aerial Device Daily Unit Inspection

  3. Traveling

  4. Job Briefing

  5. Unit Setup and Pre-Operational Inspection

  6. Unit Operation

  7. Material Handling

  8. Load Capacity.

  9. Conductor Handling and ISO GripTM

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