Confined Space Competent Person Training

Confined Space Competent Person Training in Oregon and Washington, Fatality’s in confined spaces are usually pairs, as you look inside and see your coworker laying on the ground. Our training will teach employees how to be safe. How long can you survive in a low oxygen space? What is a confined space and is it a Permit required, or a non-permit required? Meeting the Training requirements of OSHA as it has been recently updated. After completing this course students will be able to:

Describe a permit required for a confined space.

Understand the requirements of OSHA Regulation 1910.146.

Understand the safe work practices for working in and around confined spaces.

Understand the requirements of the Competent Person.

Is the underside of a house a confined space, a Permit- Required, or just a confined space?

We also provide the forms needed for confined spaces and more.


**Some Trainings offered on Zoom

**We offer Oregon CCB Credits, MSHA, and LCB Credits for this Course.