MSHA part 46 Training

Before a new miner begins work at the mine – KARM Has Training out lines for this.

You must provide the miner with no less than 4 hours of training in the following subjects, which must also address site-specific hazards:

(1) An introduction to the work environment, including a visit and tour of the mine, or portions of the mine that are representative of the entire mine (walkaround training). The method of mining or operation utilized must be explained and observed;

(2) Instruction on the recognition and avoidance of electrical hazards and other hazards present at the mine, such as traffic patterns and control, mobile equipment (e.g., haul trucks and front-end loaders), and loose or unstable ground conditions;

(3) A review of the emergency medical procedures, escape and emergency evacuation plans, in effect at the mine, and instruction on the firewarning signals and firefighting procedures;

(4) Instruction on the health and safety aspects of the tasks to be assigned, including the safe work procedures of such tasks, the mandatory health and safety standards pertinent to such tasks, information about the physical and health hazards of chemicals in the miner's work area, the protective measures a miner can take against these hazards, and the contents of the mine's HazCom program; 18

(5) Instruction on the statutory rights of miners and their representatives under the Act;

(6) A review and description of the line of authority of supervisors and miners' representatives and the responsibilities of such supervisors and miners' representatives; and

(7) An introduction to your rules and procedures for reporting hazards.

(c) No later than 60 calendar days after a new miner begins work at the mine - You must provide the miner with training in the following subject:

(1) Instruction and demonstration on the use, care, and maintenance of self rescue and respiratory devices, if used at the mine; and

(2) A review of first aid methods.

(d) No later than 90 calendar days after a new miner begins work at the mine - You must provide the miner with the balance, if any, of the 24 hours of training on any other subjects that promote occupational health and safety for miners at the mine.

(e) Practice under the close observation of a competent person may be used to fulfill the requirement for training on the health and safety aspects of an assigned task in paragraph

(b)(4) of this Section, if hazard recognition training specific to the assigned task is given before the miner performs the task.