Respirator Training and Medical Evaluation and Fit Testing

Respirator Training and Fit Testing, everything to make your employee’s OSHA compliant with the respirator requirements. We can do a complete package that includes Respirator Training, Fit Testing, and the Medical Evaluation or just parts. Respirator Training and Fit Testing are required by OSHA at least annually. The Medical Evaluation is required to be redone when there is a change in employees' health or when required by a doctor. The medical evolution must be done prior to wearing a respirator. We can come to your Office, Jobsite or you can come to our Training center. We can also write a Respirator Policy for your company as well as any other Safety Policy’s needed. Visit 503-304-7037

**We offer Oregon CCB Credits and LCB for this Course

We can do this at your Location so employees don't have to travel.