Rigging and signal Person Qualified Training

Rigger and Signal Person Training. Topics covered pre-use inspection, required tagging/marking, and proper application when using eyebolts, shackles, links, wire rope clips, thimbles, angle loading, slings (wire rope, synthetic web, synthetic round and chain), horizontal angle stress, sling pads/softeners, spreader bars, and lifting beams. Signal Person requirements as well as Hand Signals.

Although crane operators are in control of the crane, the signalmen help guide them. Because this role is so important, OSHA requires safety training. Our Rigger Signalman Training meets this requirement.

This course covers a wide range of topics including:

  • An introduction to rigging and hand signals

  • Estimating weights and chapters on sling angles

  • Different types of rigging gear and hand signals

  • Common safety hazards

Who Should Take Rigger Signalman Safety Training?

Although this course is specifically designed for riggers and signalmen, the information in this course can be beneficial for anyone that works in close proximity to cranes.

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**Some Trainings offered on Zoom

**We offer Oregon CCB Credits, MSHA and LCB credits for this Course.