Silica Competent Person Training

Crystalline Silica Competent Person Training. We provide the OSHA and MSHA training required to keep your company compliant with the new rule. We include how to build an OSHA compliant silica program, and more. The rule went into effect in 2017 for Federal OSHA and different dates if you work in a program state (Oregon 2018). Nobody goes to work to die on the job and proper training will help that. All employees working around Silica need to be trained on the hazards of Silica. Remember the twin towers those people are feeling the effects now. It can take up to 20 years for them to show up. Some are already feeling the effects. There is NO Cure. Protect yourself. Visit

**Some Trainings offered on Zoom

**We offer Oregon CCB Credits, MSHA and LCB Credits for this Course.